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Front Door Design

A Door looks like it would be an easy do-it-yourself project. That is until you do it. Doors are tricky, putting them up can feel like trying to put a round peg into a square hole because they have to be just so to hang the right and swing straight. Poorly hung doors can leave a house feeling drafty, cold and look a little off kilter as well. Here are a few things to think about your next door project.

Installing Doors

If you ever thought about replacing the doors in your home, consider hiring a professional to avoid the headache of a poorly hung door. If you are a die-hard do-it-yourself, make sure you have the right tools to complete the project because sure as you take the existing door down, you are bound to run into a problem that will keep the new door from being hung right away! I have a very good professional for door installation; please try them, they are perfect in their work.

Interior Replacement Doors

Interior doors are typically hollow core wood doors. To make your project more rewarding, you may want to try jazzing it up a bit by using paneled doors instead of plain doors. Paneled doors can add subtle character to a room and help it off.

Exterior Replacement Doors

Exterior replacement doors should be given careful consideration. They must withstand the weather, insulate the house against the elements and be aesthetically pleasing from both the interior and exterior. From the outside perspective, the front door is probably the most important door on the house. Use a door that compliments the style of your home, not one that competes with it. For example, if you have a craftsman style bungalow, get a door in keeping with that style.

Other Exterior Replacement Doors

Other exterior doors may include the back door, sliding glass doors or French doors. The latter can be exquisite replacement doors for an existing sliding glass door. French doors open up a room to the outside when they are open or closed. There is just something homey about the look of French doors, not as sterile looking like a slider.

Material For Exterior Doors

Choosing a suitable article for your exterior doors is essential. Interior doors are not nearly as important since they typically separate rooms from one another. Exterior doors, on the other hand, have to insulate and look good. There are many different materials for exterior doors including wood, metal, ply board and fiberglass. Choose a door for its durability. Metal doors can be problematic because they dent and ding so easily. Wood doors, on the other hand, can be sanded down if they become scratched or dinged. Choose a door material based on its use. An exterior door leading into the garage probably doesn´t have to insulate or be as nice as your grand double front doors would.

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